Jura E8 vs S8

Jura E8 vs S8: Which One is Best for You?

In this comparison review, I will be reviewing the new Jura e8 vs s8. Both are impressive super-automatic espresso machines that have a lot of terrific features to offer. The Jura S8 and E8 both grind the beans to your desired coarseness and make pretty much any type of coffee you can possibly imagine in just seconds.

There are several differences between the two such as the taste of the espresso they produce, but overall I highly recommend either one. It’s hard to say which one is better because they each have their own individual benefits. However, if a coffee connoisseur like me had to choose one machine, I would choose the new Jura E8 hands down!

This objective Jura coffee machine comparison is all about the Jura e8 vs s8, two machines with 8 flavors of coffee that come in handy at times other than early morning work hours. Some people like to avoid caffeine while they sleep because they feel it leaves them awake and agitated during the night, a time when most other people would be resting.

Jura E8 vs S8

Jura E8 Coffee Maker

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The Jura E8 coffee machine is the machine that is taking the coffee world by storm. It is a revolutionary machine that allows you to make coffee in a style that has never been experienced before. It is a revolution in coffee making and so our blog will cover all the different aspects of the Jura E8.

The Jura E8 Coffee maker is one of the most advanced coffee makers in the market. It is also one of the most expensive. In this blog, I will look at why you need this coffee machine in your life and how you can get a good deal for this machine through a Jura E8 Coffee Maker discount code.

The Jura E8 coffee machine is a smart coffee machine that offers many benefits. This blog will look at different aspects of this coffee machine like its features and what the machine can do. It will look at the different models that the Jura E8 coffee machine comes in, the price range, and where you can buy it.


Jura E8 Coffee Maker
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Weight 21.6 lbs / 9.79 kgs
Maximum cup height 6.0 in / 15.24 cm
Water tank 63.6 oz / 1.88 l
Casing Plastic / aluminum

[i2pc show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Superb coffees and plenty of personalization
It’s quick to start up and quiet[/i2pros][i2cons]It does require a lot of maintenance[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Features of Jura E8 Coffee Maker


Keeping things clean should always be a top priority in the kitchen, and that’s especially true when it comes to making milk-based drinks. The Jura Cleaning Center of the E8 is simple and convenient. After 10 minutes of using the Jura E8, the device will automatically rinse itself with no need for additional maintenance.

Alternatively, you can choose to manually initiate this cycle by simply pressing buttons on either side of the center – or if you’re looking for deeper cleaning down below, all you need to do is empty out any used grounds and place them inside the milk system container that comes with your machine.

For more difficult cleaning issues – like grime that has taken root along the sides of your milk system – there are detailed instructions included on how to properly deep-clean your Jura E8 so don’t worry about handling this yourself!

Ease Of Use

The Jura E8 is easy to use, even though it offers many choices; you can use the buttons on the machine or your phone to choose what you want from a customized list. If you’re not sure about how something works then learn more about it by exploring the integrated recipe book on your phone.

This way you’ll be able to make specific custom choices for every type of beverage you select. The preset recipes will make things simpler and easier, but the option can still always be there if one wishes to customize their drink according to their own tastes.

A smartphone app (sold separately) is also available that allows users to program their settings and make changes through an external source, such as a laptop in another room where they could program while lounging on their couch or even when they aren’t at home!

Coffee Drinks Quality

The Jura E8 is a pro-grade espresso machine that boasts an excellent automatic grinding and brewing process. The quality of the grinds of the beans is superb and the machine is praised by baristas worldwide for the amazing hot milk-based beverages that you can make with it!

One neat feature of this wonderful coffee maker is its adjustable foam control which allows you to customize how thick or thin your lattes, cappuccinos, or cafe mochas are going to be on their way out of the machine’s spout.

Brew Performance

The Jura E8 is the most advanced automatic espresso machine available to consumers today. This appliances system is prepped from the very beginning in order to provide a precision-driven experience.

Beginning with their unique pre-infusion process, which allows you to effortlessly direct water through your coffee grounds and then into your brewing chamber, the E8 ensures every cup of coffee you brew tastes just as delicious and consistent as the last.

Additionally, thanks to their proprietary Aeroccino3 milk frother that uses AirPower technology to whisk air into your milk for a thicker froth, making lattes and cappuccinos has never been easier.

Jura S8 Coffee Maker

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The Jura S8 coffeemaker is a machine that is extremely straightforward to use. There is a simple control panel with five buttons and a rotary. Once you turn it on, the machine will perform a series of basic checks to ensure everything is working properly and then begin to brew espresso. The S8 produces a rich and creamy espresso shot that is sweet and robust a true classic.

The Jura S8 is one of the best coffee makers you can find in the market. It is a fully programmable coffee maker. You can set it so that it starts making coffee before you wake up. Imagine waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning. In this blog, I am going to talk about the Jura S8 in detail. This way you can find out more about the machine.

The Jura S8 Coffee Maker is the most advanced Jura coffee machine. It offers all of the fantastic benefits of Jura’s S9 line of coffee makers but adds a number of new features that make it even easier to use.


Jura S8 Coffee Maker
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Weight 22.1 lbs
Width 11 inches
Height 13.7 inches
Voltage / Power 120 V~

[i2pc show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Pulse Extraction Process for optimal coffee extraction
15 bar pressure pump
Programmable customization i.e coffee strength, amount of water, water temperature[/i2pros][i2cons]Fairly pricey

Features of Jura S8 Coffee Maker

Maintenance and Cleaning

The Jura S8 does all the work for you when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Once the coffee is brewed, it forms a dense puck that gets deposited in a tray in the machine. Because the puck is solid, there are no loose grounds to deal with, and the machine will tell you when the tray is full.

The 2-hour clean cycle ensures there’s no mess left behind by terrible coffee stains either. In other words, clean-up has never been easier – especially if you’re just getting started as a new or aspiring Jura owner!


Programming the Jura S8 is comprehensive. Anyone who is looking to use this model of coffee maker should understand how the customization options work before they begin using it. There are five different buttons that help you create a perfect cup of coffee with just the touch of your fingertips.

The user-friendly features include an option to save your own coffee creations, increase or decrease the amount of coffee made and also turn it into espresso if you would like that instead. Each model is customizable for every taste bud – some people prefer stronger brews while others want them milder.

The control panel lets users decide whether they want their coffee strong, medium or mild; lets those in search of a dessert-like treat add sweetener (it has both liquid and packet options) and then there’s the option for steamed or foamed milk as well!

Interface Design

Making coffee has never been easier. The Jura S8 is a streamlined and user-friendly device with all the latest technologies to help you along. The extra-large touchscreen display is in full color and super sensitive to touch. Eight most common coffee drink icons are shown on the home screen of the Jura S8, leaving the other eight drinks that can be accessed from a button in the top right corner of your home screen.

If you want to make one of those frequently-used coffee drinks at any given time, it’s as straightforward as placing a cup under the spout and pressing on the pump icon when you want one hot or iced chocolate for example!

Drink Quality

There’s one thing that stands out the most about the Jura S8: its ability to produce delicious espresso and other drinks. It’s not just any espresso machine, however – the Jura S8 is so much better than that!

Some of these features include an exceptionally wide scope for drink customization due to its Pulse Extraction Process and versatility thanks to a 3-in-1 separating funnel so your espressos can do all sorts of things with different kinds of milk. Having a lot of options is never something someone considers bad and we think you shouldn’t either!


If you want to know which one is the best choice in coffee Jura e8 vs s8 for you, then we would have to say that the Jura E8 is the better choice. It has a lot more features than the Jura S8 that the average user will probably appreciate. If you don’t need a lot of the extra features though, then you can save yourself a little bit of money by going with the Jura S8.

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