How to Use a Coffee Maker.

How to Make French Press Coffee?

While drip coffee makers and Keurig machines are perfect if you’re looking to make quick cups of coffee at home, there’s something to be said about the classic French press method of brewing coffee. If you’re looking to step up your coffee game, this article on how to make French press coffee will tell you everything you need to know to get started with this time-honored brew method!

How to Make French Press Coffee at Home

While there are many ways to make coffee, one of the best and easiest methods is the French press coffee maker. Whether you’re camping or have limited counter space, this simple device allows you to make delicious coffee quickly and easily, even when you’re not at home.

What You Need

Once this is done, place the lid on top of your French press and wait for about four minutes before plunging (or pushing) down on the plunger in order to separate any grounds that are still in suspension from your coffee drink.

If any grounds remain after plunging down on the plunger, use a mesh strainer lined with cheesecloth to filter out any bits that might not have been strained out properly by pressing down on your plunger.

Step 1: Grind The Beans

Start by grinding your coffee beans. You’ll want to use a coarse grind for French press coffee-think the consistency of kosher salt. If your grind is too fine, you’ll end up with a muddy cup of coffee.

If it’s too coarse, the water will flow right through the grounds and you’ll end up with a weak cup of coffee. The best way to grind your beans is with a burr grinder.

Step 2: Boil The Water

The water for your French press should be boiling when you pour it over the grounds. This is because cold water will not extract all of the coffee’s flavors and aromas. Put a kettle on the stove and let it come to a boil. Once it’s boiling, remove it from the heat and pour it into your French press.

Step 3: Add The Ground Coffee Beans To The Carafe

The next step is to add the ground coffee beans to the carafe. Start by adding a small amount of water to the beans and stirring them around. This will help them to start brewing evenly. Then, add the rest of the water and give the beans a good stir.

Step 4: Stir, Let it Set, and Pour

After four minutes have passed, it’s time to stir your coffee. Be sure to do this gently so you don’t disturb the grounds too much. Once you’ve stirred, let the coffee sit for another 30 seconds before pouring it into your mug.

Health Benefits of French Press Coffee

Some say that French press coffee is the purest way to make coffee. This is because the grounds are in direct contact with the water for steeping, and there is no paper filter to absorb any of the coffee’s natural oils.

These oils contain antioxidants that can have health benefits, such as lowering inflammation and improving cholesterol levels. French press coffee also has a higher concentration of caffeine than other brewing methods, so it can give you a little extra boost of energy.


Brewing a coffee maker with a French press is a simple and inexpensive way to make a great cup of coffee at home. And it’s a method that anyone can learn with a little practice. Set up your French press by filling it with hot water and steeping the grounds in the pot for four minutes. After setting up your grinder (or using pre-ground beans), you’re ready to go. Pour into a mug or serve and slowly squeeze the plunger.

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