How Does First Watch Make Their Iced Coffee

How Does First Watch Make Their Iced Coffee ? Coffee maker

Coffee is a morning ritual for many people. People from all walks of life from all over the world need their morning cup of Joe. In addition to being produced from the beans of the coffee plant, coffee can also be produced from other parts of the plant like the cherry.

Making coffee from the cherry is not as common as producing it from the ground beans. Here’s what you need to know about this rather unique way of producing coffee.

First Watch is a popular breakfast and brunch restaurant that is growing rapidly. Most of their growth is from word of mouth. So what better way to grow your own customer base than to show you how they make their iced coffee. You will be surprised to see your typical barista in a restaurant.

How does First Watch make their iced coffee?

If you’re looking to get your morning caffeine fix, look no further than First Watch. There are lots of ways to prepare iced coffee, and the approach taken by First Watch results in a great-tasting iced coffee that keeps its flavor even after cooling it down. In order to find out how they do it, here’s how you can make iced coffee at home the same way they do at First Watch, step by step.

A quick look at First Watch

First Watch has a long history of excellence in serving up top-notch breakfast, lunch and dinner items. But what sets them apart from other restaurants is their use of fresh ingredients to create balanced meals that are as good for you as they are delicious.

However, not every meal is served with a fork or spoon. In fact, First Watch also serves up some unique and innovative drink selections, like their popular beverage – The Iced Coffee Shooter! Here’s how it’s made

How they serve up something special

For a chain that has more than 400 restaurants in nine states, offering a unique take on something as ubiquitous as iced coffee could seem like quite a challenge. How do you make sure it’s memorable and reflective of your brand while also appealing to customers who might be new to your menu or even skeptical about chains in general?

(Source) For example, one review described its pineapple upside-down pancakes served with mascarpone as so decadent it feels like you’re eating dessert for breakfast. A business needs to know how they will bring uniqueness to their products and services while remaining true to themselves and still expanding on what they already have established. (Source)

The secret ingredient

Most of us don’t realize how many different ways there are to brew a cup of coffee. K-Cups, French presses, Chemex, AeroPress—the options seem endless. While all methods brew a delicious cup of Joe in their own way, we wanted to focus on brewed coffee because it’s one of the most traditional and simple methods.

Regardless of what type of brewing method you prefer (we won’t judge), here are three secrets to making flavorful coffee at home

Why do they use this method?

Coffee starts to break down as soon as it is ground. Within 15 minutes, enough heat and oxygen have reached it to begin chemically changing it, so grinding your beans just before brewing should give you a fresher cup of joe.

This also means that using pre-ground coffee (the kind you’ll find in a can or at most gas stations) has a shelf life of about two weeks from when it was ground. So if you’re not using fresh beans, buy them only enough for two weeks’ worth of morning brews so that you can grind on demand.

What exactly are they doing here?

This was another question that stumped quite a few of our readers. The answer is in part related to a concept known as crema. Basically, crema is what forms on top of a well-made espresso, and it contains all kinds of flavor compounds. Espresso aficionados savor crema because it gives them an indication of how good or bad a cup will taste.

However, most people who are familiar with espresso think that having some crema floating around would be pretty gross in cold drinks—particularly if they were very sweet and had lots of whipped cream on top. So how do they manage to produce some crema while mixing sweet dairy products and ice cubes into their drink?


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