Cuisinart vs Hamilton Beach Dual Coffee Maker

Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach are two popular brands. They have been doing a great job for many years. A lot of people own and use the Coffee maker of both Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach. But the question here is which is better Cuisinart or Hamilton Beach? First of all, let’s take a look at the comparison table of Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach Dual Coffee Maker.

Coffee is a key part of the morning routine for many people. Coffee makers have been a popular household appliance for almost as long as electric appliances have been around. But which is better, Cuisinart vs Hamilton Beach dual coffee maker?The difference between the Cuisinart 12 Cup Coffee Maker and the Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Digital Coffee Maker comes down to two key features, the strength and temperature of the coffee produced.

The coffee maker is one of the most essential kitchen appliances. You know this only too well if you are a regular coffee drinker. It is a great way to kick-start your day whether it is a quick cup before leaving the house or a whole pot that keeps you going through the morning. Coffee makers also come in different shapes and sizes. We will look at the different features that you should look for when purchasing a new coffee maker.

Cuisinart coffee maker

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If you like to start your day with a hot cup of java, you’re in luck. Cuisinart Coffee makers are a staple in kitchens all over the world because they brew some of the best tasting coffee around. They’re easy to use, easy to clean and can brew up to 12 cups at a time.

From the brew pause feature that lets you sneak a sip of your coffee before it’s finished brewing to the 24-hour programmability that allows you to wake up to fresh coffee, the Cuisinart DGB-700BC is a smart choice for your kitchen. The Brew Pause feature allows you to sneak a cup before the cycle ends.

The 24-hour programmability allows you to program your coffee maker to start at any time. The water level indicator on the side of the unit allows you to see exactly how much water you’ve added to the reservoir. The removable brew basket allows you to easily clean the Cuisinart DGB-700BC.


Cuisinart coffee maker
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LWH:  7.75″ x 9.00″ x 14.00″
UC Weight: 9.00lb.
UC Cubic Feet Thermal Gray
UC LWH 9.87″ x 10.87″ x 16.00″

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Adjustable carafe temperature settings[/i2pros][i2cons]Non-removable water reservoir[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Features of Cuisinart coffee maker


The best feature on Cuisinart coffee makers is one that you never think about—the programmable timer. You can pre-set your machine to turn on at whatever time you want, so your brew is ready when you are. Not only does it save money and energy, but it also helps ensure your coffee is brewed at just the right temperature every time.


A quality cup of coffee is all about two things: freshness and flavor. Cuisinart products feature their Brew Pause feature, which allows you to grab a cup before it’s finished brewing so you get that first-cup flavor. This also allows for more control over your brew strength.

Brew Pause Feature

If you need a cup before your full pot is done brewing, you can get one with just a push of a button. The Brew Pause feature allows you to sneak a cup while waiting for your coffee maker to finish its job. The 24-hour programmability ensures that you’ll never have to worry about accidentally over-brewing your coffee and creating bitter tasting coffee.

Water Filter

. The minerals in your tap water play a role in how your coffee tastes, so it’s important to make sure you’re using a high-quality filter for maximum flavor and freshness. According to Consumer Reports, the main cause for bitterness or unpleasant flavors…is inadequate filtration. Most Cuisinart machines come with optional charcoal filters that work wonders for eliminating unwanted impurities and odors from your water, allowing you to taste more of what your beans have to offer.

Scoop vs. Pitcher

One of my favorite features on some coffee makers is a scoop vs. pitcher button. Not only does it make it easy to add fresh grounds without making a mess, but it also makes it easier to get accurate measurements when you’re filling up your water reservoir. I like that! It saves me time and money!

Hamilton Beach Dual Coffee Maker

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At Hamilton Beach, good things are on the coffee horizon, whether you have time for a minute or an hour. Our coffee makers feature advanced technologies and unique designs to give you the best cup of coffee you have ever had. At Hamilton Beach, we are persistent about innovation, so we continue to bring you the freshest and best coffee makers on the market.

The FlexBrew® 2-Way Brewer with Smart Scoop system lets you choose between single-serve and full carafe brewing. It’s a 3-in-1 coffee maker that gives you all the flexibility you need for one appliance. The Smart Scoop® alerts you when the coffee is ready and the amount of grounds to use to make the right amount,

whether it’s single-serve or full carafe. It has two brew strengths, Auto Pause® and Auto Shut Off when brewing is complete, a removable drip tray, and a removable water reservoir. With a programmable clock and sleek space saving design, our coffee maker is the perfect addition to any kitchen.


Hamilton Beach Flexbrew
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Capacity 0.41 Liters
Brand Hamilton Beach
Color Black
Special Feature  Programmable

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Dual versatility
Quietly working ability[/i2pros][i2cons]The potentiality for burn hazard[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Features of Hamilton Beach Dual Coffee Maker

A Timer

With multiple coffee makers on offer, it’s difficult to know which one is best for you. With various features and different price points, how do you know what to choose? The most important feature is a timer. That way your coffee will be ready for you at just about any time that you decide to wake up. It also gives it enough time for all of its flavors to combine so that it ends up tasting as close to perfection as possible.

Thermal Carafe

The thermal carafe ensures that you will be able to enjoy a fresh pot of coffee or tea every time, no matter how long it’s been sitting on your counter. After brewing, simply pour out your brew into an insulated carafe, and then when you are ready for more, it’s as simple as pouring yourself a cup. No worries about whether or not it will taste stale! The insulated design keeps your drinks hot while they cool down and saves energy by making sure you aren’t reheating from a cold start each time.

Gold-Tone Filter

This unique gold-tone filter separates coffee from grinds and creates a smoother, more aromatic brew. It also fits easily into your busy schedule, since it’s programmable. You can set it to start brewing a few minutes before you wake up so you can have your coffee waiting for you when you get out of bed—no need to wait around for your cup to brew.

Removable Water Reservoir

What’s great about Hamilton Beach’s 12-cup coffee maker is that it has a removable water reservoir, which means you can refill with ease. (In fact, you don’t even have to open up your entire machine to fill it; just remove its top and do so from there.) In addition, since it has a handle, pouring water into and out of your reservoir is made easier too. And since all parts are dishwasher safe (top rack only), cleaning should be pretty easy too.


Both Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach Coffee maker have great features. It depends on your need, taste and preference which one to choose. If you are a fan of Cuisinart, you might want to buy a Cuisinart coffee maker. You can search for Cuisinart Coffee Maker on Amazon or check out Cuisinart Coffee Maker on Amazon. It is always wise to do thorough research before you make any big decision.

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