Best Smart Coffee Maker

5 Best Smart Coffee Maker in 2022

A smart coffee maker is an answer. These coffee makers connect to your wifi and allow you to start brewing a pot of coffee from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. In this article, Rachel Wharton will introduce the best smart coffee maker in 2022, let’s go!

Coffee lovers can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee without ever having to get out of bed thanks to smart coffee makers. These nifty devices connect to your smartphone and allow you to start brewing the second you decide it’s time to get up—and even delay brewing if you aren’t quite ready yet.

A smart coffee maker can do just that! Many of these models connect with your smartphone, providing you with a host of innovative features to make your mornings more enjoyable and less hectic. Smart coffee makers make it easy to start brewing before you’re fully awake, pause brewing when you need to step away from the kitchen, and notify you when your coffee is ready to enjoy.

Top 3 Best Smart Coffee Maker in 2022


Behmor Connected

Can roast a pound of coffee beans

5 roast profiles

Catalytic converter removes most of the smoke

Smarter Coffee Maker 2nd Gen

Smarter Coffee Maker 2nd Gen

Built in grinder

“I’m awake” button brews a small amount of coffee immediately

Simple to use app

Budget Friendly

Nespresso Expert

Small machine with a lot of features

Capable of making espresso, coffee, and even has an automatic milk frother

Built-in water filter

Best Smart Coffee Maker in 2022

Product ImageProduct NameRetailer
Behmor Connected Behmor Connected
Smarter Coffee Maker 2nd GenSmarter Coffee Maker 2nd Gen
Nespresso Expert Nespresso Expert
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew WiFi-Connected Single Serve Coffee Maker Hamilton Beach FlexBrew WiFi-Connected Single Serve Coffee Maker
Cafe Specialty Drip C7CDABS3RD3Cafe Specialty Drip C7CDABS3RD3

Behmor Connected

The Behmor Connected home coffee roaster is the best option for those who want to roast their own green beans at home. This machine can accommodate up to one pound of roasted beans and features five different roast profiles.

Like the Smarter Coffee Maker, the Behmor can also be integrated into your smart home with IFTTT (Internet-of-Things Technology Transfer).It has its own app which lets you both roast beans from anywhere and monitor how long it takes for them to roast—a time frame that varies depending on desired taste profile.

One way in which this coffee roaster sets itself apart from competitors is by using a catalytic converter to reduce smoke emissions – so you can easily roast beans indoors without being penalized for it.

Smarter Coffee Maker 2nd Gen

The second generation Smarter Coffee is a great choice for those looking for many of the features offered by the Behmor Connected without sacrificing quality. The water tank on the Smarter Coffee is smaller than that on the Behmor (8 cups vs 12) and it doesn’t have a double-walled stainless steel carafe.

In researching both machines, though, I found one feature that was unique to this product – it comes with its own grinder. This ensures every drink tastes its best because beans are ground fresh right before brewing each cup.

Not only this guarantees even greater taste, this also makes sure that every cup you make gives you just what you need. It also has an I’m awake button which will brew a single shot of coffee immediately – perfect for those mornings when there’s no time to waste!

Nespresso Expert

If SCAA certification and expensive espresso machines aren’t your style, but you still want to make good coffee at home without having to use a really large counter space – then the Nespresso Expert Espresso Maker is perfect for you. This little machine packs a punch – it’s capable of brewing both coffee and espresso.

It also has an automatic milk frother for those who love coffee with a little bit of milk or cream. This way, you don’t need to worry about whether or not this machine takes up too much room on your counter because there are plenty other features that come along with it!

The water filter is probably one of my favorite parts since I am so concerned about the environment and how many plastic bottles end up in landfills every day.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew WiFi-Connected Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew WiFi-Connected Single Serve Coffee Maker.Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is a good choice for those who want a single serve coffee maker with some smart features. The machine is compact and easy to use, with a simple interface that makes it easy to get your coffee just the way you like it.

One of its many features is being able to brew both ground coffee and K-cups– all without switching cups! It also has separate compartments for ground coffee and K-cup portions – making this one versatile unit! Not only does this machine come with an integrated milk frother, but there’s also space for all kinds of machines.

Ones which do koy cold or hot (including how small!), ones which put whipped cream or chocolate syrup on top, ones where you can choose exactly how much water goes in – so if you’re picky about these things than go ahead, ’cause there’ll be something out there that will work perfectly for what YOU want!

Cafe Specialty Drip C7CDABS3RD3

The Cafe Specialty Drip C7CDABS3RD3 is a wonderful pick for those who want some more customization options. It has an array of really cool features, many of which are often overlooked in other machines at this price point. You can set the strength – light, medium, or strong – to suit your mood or needs at any given time.

Your preferred brew temperature can also be adjusted on this machine, so you don’t end up with coffee that tastes too bitter when you prefer milder drinks instead. When you’re ready for a break from work, there’s no need to stop the brewing process; simply hit pause and go ahead and pour yourself a fresh cup!

With its glass carafe and reusable filter included right out of the box, along with its ability to use paper filters if desired as well – The Cafe Specialty Drip C7CDABS3RD3 will make sure every sip tastes just perfect!


Though there are many options for best smart coffee maker, we think that the Behmor Connected is without a doubt the best one. It has so many features and its easy to use. So if you’re looking for an affordable product, then this might be perfect for you. Good luck in deciding which one will work out well!

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