Best Brew And Grind Coffee Maker

5 Best Brew And Grind Coffee Maker in 2022

While most people would need to use a separate Best Brew And Grind Coffee Maker – which is another hassle – many new models integrate an integral bean hopper so they can effortlessly grind up fresh beans whenever needed, pouring those grounds right into the filter basket before brewing starts.

It can be tough to compare the taste of a cup of coffee made with fresh beans instead to prepackaged ones that were just sitting there on the grocery store shelf for months and lose their flavor.

Here in our Lab at Good Housekeeping, we’ve tested hundreds of different coffee makers and brewed over thousand cups of coffee over the years using all types of different machines from pour-over drippers to French presses, espresso machines, Nespresso brewers, cold brew systems, single-serve machines and more–with seven new models coming out this year boasting an integrated bean hopper!

Top 3 Best Brew And Grind Coffee Maker in 2022

Breville The Grind Control

Breville The Grind Control

Top-performing grinder

Six grind settings

Easy-to-read digital display


Black and Decker Mill and Brew

Quietest built-in grinder of the ones we tested

Displays on screen how long its been since the coffee brewed

Produces consistent grinds

Budget Friendly

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus

Can make coffee with whole beans, pre-ground coffee or single-serve pods

Blade grinder and housing are removable for easy cleaning and clog prevention

Has an indicator light for when it’s time to decalcify coffee maker

Best Brew And Grind Coffee Maker in 2022

Product ImageProduct NameRetailer
Breville The Grind Control Breville The Grind Control
Black and Decker Mill and Brew Black and Decker Mill and Brew
 Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus  Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus
Capresso Coffee Team TS Capresso Coffee Team TS
 Cuisinart Grind and Brew Cuisinart Grind and Brew

Breville The Grind Control

Breville’s The Grind Control was ranked among the best performing coffee makers in our tests and came equipped with a built-in grinder that consistently ground quality fine, medium, and coarse grounds (a rarity amongst other models).

It has six grind settings to choose from so you can customize your cup o’ joe or change up beans if you prefer. The hopper holds 1/2 pounds of beans at once, which won’t leave you needing refills too often. Plus, its digital screen makes for easy of reading.

You’ll know just how many cups of joe are left to make before the machine kicks off automatically – no having to lean over while checking the water level like some other coffee machines out there! Finally? One tasty cup made without bitterness or sharp flavors (seriously people!).

Black and Decker Mill and Brew

There’s nothing you can do about the sound of a grinder, but this Black and Decker coffee maker might just be quieter than the other ones we tried. And in addition to producing grounds consistently, it actually made for a better cup of coffee than some more expensive models when we ran tests.

The ground beans are contained inside the filter basket—so you’re able to clean both at once! Sadly, because there is no built-in space for storing extra ground beans—you will need to refill them each time.

However, whether you’re grinding whole beans or pre-ground coffee varieties – this machine has your back. All thanks to its helpful display screen that tells you how long it’s been since brewing was last completed.

 Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus

This Cuisinart Grind & Brew Plus delivers customization and convenience with one machine, giving you the ability to brew fresh coffee from whole beans, pre-ground coffee, or pods. One side of the device is for brewing drip coffee.

It can either grind whole beans or use pre-ground coffee depending on preference while offering different strength levels. The other side is designed specifically for single-serve cups where it doesn’t grind anything but instead only uses pods or filters (sold separately).

Though it didn’t earn the top spot in our taste test, its convenient pod option was helpful when looking at times when a person might want just one cup of joe. Easily removable parts such as its grinder and housing allow for easy cleanup and prevention against any potential clogs that could occur.

Capresso Coffee Team TS

This coffee maker made one of the tastiest cups of coffee in our taste test and stood out when brewing at the appropriate temperature and producing hot, piping coffee.

It has a conical burr grinder with five grind options to adjust according to your preferences -though we found that there wasn’t much variance between different grinding levels. Its thermal carafe makes taking your drink without spilling or burning yourself difficult (but still possible) – but this isn’t where its true talent lies.

This machine’s hopper can hold up to six ounces of whole beans, which is impressive compared to most machines’ measly 4-ounce capacity; you’ll find adjusting its grinds an easy task too thanks to clearly labeled buttons.

 Cuisinart Grind and Brew

If you are looking for the perfect cup of coffee, you can’t go wrong with Cuisinart’s Brew and Grind. Not only does it grind beans fresh before brewing, but it also has a handy timer that can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance. The automatic shut-off function is a huge plus too!

I love my Cuisinart Grind and Brew because it’s dependable, convenient, reliable, and easy to use. It never leaves me guessing about how long to set the timer for or when I should stop brewing. Plus, all of the settings are clearly marked on its face so there’s no need to fumble around with any buttons. For anyone who wants their favorite beverage brewed exactly how they like it every time, this one is your best bet!

This French-made coffee maker is made with a stainless steel boiler, so you know it can stand up to many years of use. A removable and reusable pre-infusion chamber is used to saturate grounds and regulate flow while they drip into your coffee pot or mug. An airtight lid seals in heat during brewing, allowing you to pour out piping hot cups of coffee without needing an additional sleeve or towel.


To find the Best Brew And Grind Coffee Maker, we started by testing them as if they were drip coffee makers: brewing several pots of coffee to see how long it took, what temperature they brewed at, and whether or not the hot water remained consistent.

In addition to performance (including during taste tests), we assessed the ease of use—scoring everything from how useful the instruction manual was to figuring out which buttons did what to see where exactly you store things like water tanks and ground beans (not just trying different ones).

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