Best Dual Coffee Maker

5 Best Dual Coffee Maker in 2022

If you’re someone who has both a single-serve coffee maker and a large-capacity machine with a carafe on your counter, you probably understand the frustration of having to dedicate so much cabinet space to just one task. The best dual coffee maker provides the option for additional storage while still providing single-serving and larger capacities when needed.

It’s often not clear which models are worth their price point while shopping online, though. You may purchase lower-quality products simply because they cost less, or pay an extra amount for something that doesn’t suit your needs. We want you to know exactly what these products offer before buying them!

Our reviews cover both pros and cons associated with each model so that you can find something fitting to both your budget and preferences. We’ve also provided an informative buyer’s guide to educate those interested in learning more about these types of machines prior to making purchases!

Top 3 Best Dual Coffee Maker in 2022

Hamilton Beach 49980A Dual Coffee Maker – Best Overall

Hamilton Beach 49980A Dual Coffee Maker – Best Overall

Uses loose coffee or soft pods

Multilevel cup rest


Cuisinart SS-15 Dual Coffee Maker – Best Premium Choice

Cuisinart SS-15 Dual Coffee Maker – Best Premium Choice

Brew strength control

K-Cup compatible

Includes reusable filter

Budget Friendly

SharkNinja CF085Z 2-Way Dual Coffee Maker

  • Includes hot and cold tumbler
  • Includes large double-wall carafe
  • Rich and classic brews 

Best Coffee Maker Ninja in 2022

Product ImageProduct NameRetailer
Hamilton Beach 49980A Dual Coffee Maker – Best Overall Hamilton Beach 49980A Dual Coffee Maker – Best Overall
Cuisinart SS-15 Dual Coffee Maker – Best Premium ChoiceCuisinart SS-15 Dual Coffee Maker – Best Premium Choice
DELONGHI BCO330T Dual Coffee Maker DELONGHI BCO330T Dual Coffee Maker
SharkNinja CF085Z 2-Way Dual Coffee Maker Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Two-Way Coffee Maker Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Two-Way Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 49980A Dual Coffee Maker – Best Overall

While there are many models on the market, this Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker (49980A) is one of the most popular options because it offers a variety of perks. For example, through either a single-serve or full pot setting, you can brew using both pre-packaged bags and coarse ground beans; as well as cups that are eight inches in height as opposed to five inches.

With features such as these, you are certain to find an accessory that works best for your needs. Additionally, this model allows for quick brewing with an auto-start function; allowing users the ability to have their favorite beverage ready instantly when needed.

A downside though would be its weaker strength on the single-serve side, something which may deter some from investing in this machine. Otherwise, though, we see this product being top-notch because it offers simplicity for those who need only 1 cup at a time – but has enough power behind it that others might find useful too!

Cuisinart SS-15 Dual Coffee Maker – Best Premium Choice

The Cuisinart SS-15 Coffee Maker and Single-Serve is yet another fantastic dual coffee maker. This model comes with brew strength control, so people who prefer coffee iced tea drinkers can exist in harmony when using this machine. The single-serve side is also K Cup compatible, so you’ll be able to use the lengthy list of compatible brewing products with it.

It also includes a reusable filter so you can utilize your preferred loose coffee grounds too. Furthermore, the large carafe included with this particular design is one of the better ones on the marketplace today. It doesn’t leak or slosh nearly as much as other glass decanters do, minimizing a good deal of time that you might need to clean up with other models.

Unfortunately, the single-serve side splashes whenever someone is making use of a smaller cup size. Although this remains an issue that our top-rated design solved–that makes it worth considering for anyone looking to utilize K Cups instead

SharkNinja CF085Z 2-Way Dual Coffee Maker

The SharkNinja CF085Z Premium Model has its share of pros and cons. For starters, this model includes a hot and cold tumbler mug – meaning you won’t need to supply your own for just making coffee. Additionally, it comes with a very large double-wall carafe that does keep your beverage warmer for about two hours after brewing is complete.

There are also options for both rich and classic brews so those who really love their caffeine can increase the strength of their drink to fit their needs. But this model costs nearly $100 more than our top pick, with no apparent difference in quality over some less expensive models.

There have been reports of lingering software problems where the clean light stays on indefinitely while not actually cleaning anything at all; however, it’s still difficult to determine whether or not this device actually performs better than other models on the market today at half the cost.

DELONGHI BCO330T Dual Coffee Maker


The DELONGHI BCO330T is a model that produces pretty much any type of coffee you’re looking for. While it may not have the high-end capacity than other models on our list possess, its ample supply gives it some points. With this machine, you can either create regular coffee or espresso products; however, what sets it apart from others is its included milk frother!

This allows you to expand your scope and make cappuccinos and lattes too! You won’t regret having this item in your kitchen. However, there are definitely some setbacks – the carafe tends to drip and spill often enough making clean-up take twice as long.

Luckily, these problems aren’t enough to discourage prospective buyers away completely because they’re made up with things like an LED freshness indicator which lets you know how old the coffee inside is so that you’ll know when it’s time to switch out beans or get a new pot altogether.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Two-Way Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Two-Way Coffee Maker is our number one choice because it makes both coffee and tea with a single machine. The rotating water reservoir has the capacity to brew either 10 cups of coffee or 12 cups of tea on the dual side. We also like that this model has a permanent filter so you never have to worry about buying paper filters again.

The Hario Kitchenware is number two on our list because it features an easy pour, an unbreakable glass carafe for maximum brewing quality and flavor retention, as well as a stand for serving when the company comes over. The carafe has a sturdy handle and won’t shake around while pouring hot water into your mug or cup. What’s more, this pot is dishwasher-safe!

The Ninja Iced Tea & Coffee Maker falls at number three on our list because of its large 48-ounce pitcher that lets you make up to three servings at once without having to wait for more batches. It has a great design and features an LCD display that includes timers and alerts you if the power goes out, auto shut off if left idle for too long, as well as self-cleaning buttons.


The Cuisinart SS-15 Coffee Maker stands tall in second place with both convenience of K-cup usage and a reusable filter, despite some minor dripping occurring during use. In third place is the shark ninja CF085Z which offers everything including hot or cold cups and carafes made from stainless steel, plus the option for either classic or rich brews; however, issues regarding clunky software as well as limited features at high-cost cause this model to finish lower than it might otherwise.

In last we have Delonghi BCO330T which includes a milk frother – but unfortunately falls below par on other areas such as large size requiring messy clean-up after washing. Our hope is that understanding what differentiates these models has helped you make a more informed decision about finding the best one suited just for you—happy hunting!

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