Best Coffee Maker For an RV

5 Best Coffee Maker For an RV in 2022

There are many things that you will need to consider when looking for the best coffee maker for an RV. Because there are so many features to look at, you may be overwhelmed when trying to decide on which coffee maker to buy.

There are certain factors that you should consider before you make your final decision, such as space, power consumption, and of course, how much coffee you drink in one sitting! Read on to find out what other features you should look at before buying your new coffee maker for your RV. […] (Content goes here)

If you cannot go without coffee while traveling then it is wise to pack a coffee maker in your RV. A good RV coffee maker will be small, easy to use, and efficient when brewing tasty cups of joe. Manufacturers have designed these types of devices specifically for people who travel often.

Top 3 Best Coffee Maker For an RV in 2022


Chefman InstaBrew Coffee Maker

Brews coffee quickly

Can accommodate k cups and loose tea leaves

The small and modern design goes well with the RV kitchen counter


Black+Decker CM2035B-1 Coffee Maker

Auto brew the next morning and automatic shut off

Easy to clean with its large carafe opening

Operates impressively quiet

Budget Friendly

CHULUX QF-CM801 Coffee Maker

Available in many color options

Safe to use with safe lock brewer lid functions and auto shut off

Super compact and lightweight

Best Coffee Maker For an RV in 2022

Product ImageProduct NameRetailer
Chefman InstaBrew Coffee Maker Chefman InstaBrew Coffee Maker
Black+Decker CM2035B-1 Coffee Maker Black+Decker CM2035B-1 Coffee Maker
CHULUX QF-CM801 Coffee Maker CHULUX QF-CM801 Coffee Maker
KRUPS KM202850 Coffee Maker KRUPS KM202850 Coffee Maker
Sboly 1177 Coffee Maker Slowly 1177 Coffee Maker

Chefman InstaBrew Coffee Maker

InstaBrew is a superb motorhome coffee maker, as it promises quick and easy brewing each time. No exaggeration! Whether you want something milder or stronger really depends on personal preference;

but InstaBrew will make delicious coffee no matter what way you prefer. And there’s even enough room for two cups of brewed goodness at once (14 ounces max) thanks to its squat shape. But don’t think it just has looks going for it – this beautifully designed appliance also has one-touch operation without levers which makes things even easier than they already are.

Not only does the sleek black finish fit in nicely with my tiny modern kitchen, but everything about InstaBrew makes me feel accomplished and ready to take on life head-on!

 Black+Decker CM2035B-1 Coffee Maker

The Black & Decker CM203B-1 may just be the best coffee maker for campers out there. It can serve 12 cups of coffee in a compact, lightweight design. A feature I love about this product is that it automatically turns off once brewing finishes – something other models don’t offer!

The CM203B-1 offers lots of features but what really separates it from similar products (for me) are its stainless steel carafe and 2-hour timer. If these weren’t enough to convince you then perhaps it’s time we moved on to the 18 different beverage settings this baby has got.

Most importantly there’s an automatic setting so all you have to do is wake up, press start and go back to sleep! Alternatively pressing 1/2 or 3/4 will create either small or large servings of your favorite beverage at any given time – even without grinding beans!

CHULUX QF-CM801 Coffee Maker

The QF-CM801 is yet another fabulous coffee maker for your RV with its slender frame. Safety features include an auto shut-off to ensure overheating doesn’t occur, a locked lid for when you’re away to ensure kids don’t mess around with it, and various color options–including black and some brighter shades of green or purple.

K cups or 1/2 k cups are compatible as well! You can brew anything from traditional coffee grounds, tea leaves (which tuck right into the locking bottom), or these fab pod pieces that fit into place when they’re closed. One thing I really love about this model: installation goes smoothly!

Slide up and there’s plenty of room inside just waiting for me to fill it up with water–again AND again thanks to the removable pump feature! The pot heats quickly–within 2-3 minutes!–and due to all these nifty little perks – this precise little machine is sure simple enough that even my mother could operate.

KRUPS KM202850 Coffee Maker

The KM202850 is an attractive coffee maker that brews great-tasting coffee without taking up too much counter space. It includes a reusable filter, making saving money easier on my wallet by not having to buy new filters constantly.

Safe to put in the dishwasher for easy cleanup, it only takes seconds to get ready every time! Its water reservoir and convenient placement alongside the brewing chamber make refilling it an effortless task. Equipped with one button control – touch it and you can turn it on or off easily at any time!

The best feature about this model has got to be its automatic keep-warm function; no need for me to brew more after pressing just one button! In addition, I love how simple and classy this machine looks; fits right in with other appliances on my counters due to its low profile design which doesn’t take up too much room!

Sboly 1177 Coffee Maker

The Sboly 117 appeals to me because it allows me to make coffee from ground beans or K-cups. This unit makes for a great camper coffee maker thanks to its compact design – fitting nicely in tight kitchen spaces without sacrificing the toughness required for life on the road.

For those who prefer drinking smaller servings of coffee (six ounces up to fourteen), there are various levels of brew size available. Thankfully, this model includes a thermal mug so you can bring your hot beverage with you anywhere – even if it lasts for six hours!

In order for this appliance to maintain its robust longevity, it’s made out of plastic that feels rigid but lightweight at the same time. In my testing period, I found brewing takes approximately three minutes when using whole beans but only one minute when utilizing ground beans or k-cups. As an added bonus,


Best Coffee Maker For an RV From my research, I’ve found that the Chefman BrewCoffe is an excellent choice. It has a short brew time and also keeps your cup of joe warm for over two hours. For those who prefer a carafe-style design,

The Black+Decker CM203B offers some benefits including keeping your coffee at just the right temperature (as long as you don’t forget about it!). If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type, the Farberware 50124 Melitta 64104 and Mueller Austria French Press are all great options!

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